About Us

About us

RePlanet Africa

RePlanet Africa is a grassroots movement dedicated to tackling climate change, biodiversity loss, and poverty by promoting evidence-based solutions and policies. We do this through:
i) Thought leadership
ii) Policy advocacy
iii) Campaigning

Vision: A Thriving Africa in Harmony with Nature

Human ingenuity has brought us many benefits, but it has come at a significant cost to our planet. The story of our progress has been one of nature’s decline. To support our growing population, Africa has had to encroach on forests due to extensive agricultural practices.

Our vision is to embrace innovation for prosperity, liberate Africa’s nature, prioritize sustainable agriculture, protect, and preserve our rich biodiversity. Together, we can create a future where Africa thrives in harmony with its natural heritage.


To champion a flourishing natural world and human society.

Our approach is multifaceted:

Core Values

Our Team

Our Team

Patricia Nanteza

Our Team

Ian Peter Busuulwa

Our Team

Tim Machi

Our Team

Peter Gichuki

Our Team

Danson Matekwa

Our Team

Collins Khaemba Wafula

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