Patricia is not a geneticist with a PhD in molecular biology like some might think. But she’s made a name for herself as a science communicator in biotechnology and its adoption in Africa. She got tired of her job as a newsroom sub-editor and decided to dive into the world of biotechnology communication in 2015 with the Uganda Banana Research Program and she’s been killing it ever since. She’s rallied farmers to demand for a biotechnology bill and has been a vocal advocate for Africa to have the autonomy to choose GMOs without outside pressure. As the director of training at the Alliance for Science she helped build a global pro-science movement. Patricia sees herself as a daughter of Africa, believing that the continent is capable of making decisions that protect the environment, people, and promote sustainable prosperity. “We don’t have to be laggards. That position along the adoption continuum is not cast in stone!” Before climate resilience and adaptation was a thing, Patricia was already a tree-planting enthusiast, squeezing them in her tiny plot in Kampala.